This means 'doing well' in Woi wurrung language

A thriving city with access to jobs, lifelong learning, vibrant and dynamic activity centres

Can you imagine what a Thriving Moonee Valley looks like in 2040?

  • Moonee Valley is a city where residents have equitable access to lifelong learning, development and employment opportunities
  • Moonee Valley is a city where our economic environment facilitates thriving activity centres and new and emerging enterprise
  • Across Moonee Valley there is increased participation and value placed in the arts, sport, culture and local community-run events
  • Moonee Valley embraces a technology first approach to creatively meet the challenges we face

Realising a Thriving Moonee Valley

These strategic directions, objectives and actions provide the framework to realise a Thriving Moonee Valley.

We want our neighbourhoods to be full of opportunities for people to learn and work. We will provide and support the delivery of a wide range of accessible library and learning opportunities, using a variety of delivery models, to assist our community to develop their personal and professional skills.
Offering, as well as promoting, volunteering and work placements form a key part of our approach. We understand that not only does this provide professional development, it also enables social connections which is important to continue.

  • Moonee Valley Libraries have over 55,000 members, with over one million loans and downloads of library items made each year.

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions saw many people working from home rather than traveling into an office, and for some industries this may become the new normal throughout recovery and beyond. We are looking at ways to expand our community spaces to facilitate co-working opportunities, not just with desks and office space, but also including utilisation of our industrial kitchen at Clocktower Centre.

We are working with traders to identify how we can support them to increase their economic activity, including how to improve our business approval processes. We will also look at ways to activate and increase visitation to our activity centres to support the local economy.

What does Council do?
“We look after Council's buildings and centres. We help residents and groups use them too.”
“We keep our community reading and learning, no matter your age. We run libraries that are the heart of our communities.”
“We help local businesses succeed and grow. We run workshops, business training sessions and events.”
  • Moonee Valley’s Gross Regional Product (GRP) for 2016 was estimated to be $4.515 billion, representing 14.2 per cent of Melbourne’s West GRP of $31.795 billion (REMPLAN)
  • It is estimated that 47,854 people work in Moonee Valley, with 10,401 jobs located in Moonee Ponds (SGS Economics and Planning, City of Moonee Valley Employment Forecasts, February 2018)
  • It is projected that there will be an increase of 29,365 jobs within Moonee Valley by 2040 (SGS Economics and Planning, City of Moonee Valley Employment Forecasts, February 2018).

The need for physical distancing saw events and festivals stop or move to a digital environment during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still a city with things to see and do, we just need to change how we see and do some things and we plan to continue to provide places for our community to formally and informally connect and collaborate.

We are committed to delivering a rich program of events and activations across our neighbourhoods to showcase our cultural institutions, natural attractions and vibrant activity centres. It is important that we celebrate local cultures, local talent and stimulate local economic activity.

We will look to offer a series of neighbourhood-based activations and events, and support our community to lead events. We will ensure all of our activations, events and programs adhere to State Government public health advice. We will facilitate alternate ways to commemorate and celebrate important dates and our programs, including online platforms or with distancing measures in place. We will also support community clubs and associations to recommence their activities run at Council-owned facilities.

What does Council do?
“We bring our rich culture to life, through art, music and theatre programs. We run the Clocktower Centre and Incinerator Gallery.”
“We run events and festivals, so we can celebrate and connect with each other.”
“We provide sport, fitness and leisure facilities to help you keep active and healthy.”
  • There are around 90,000 attendances per year to events at The Clocktower Centre, 5,600 people at the Incinerator Gallery and 60,000 attendances at library programs and events
  • Moonee Valley residents are significantly more likely to participate in organised physical activity than the average Victorian (VicHealth Indicators Survey 2015).

During the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, technology allowed us to communicate and a new sense of community connection was established, particularly amongst groups who previously may not have used technology as a way to undertake two way communication. We had to adapt our services and programs to suit the new normal of physical distancing and technology was at the forefront of making that happen.

We will continue to update Council’s information communication technology and promote digital alternatives for our programs and services into pandemic recovery and beyond.